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Laugh like a local, surf like a pro! Home to an estimated 17,508 islands Indonesia boasts breathtaking scenery, picturesque beaches, Komodo dragons, jungles, volcanoes, orangutans ancient Hindu temples and then some more. Spend your days wandering through beautiful rice terraces in Ubud, visiting the Monkey Forrest or hit up the vibrant beaches of Canguu. Make the most of your time in Bali, explore, discover, eat, party and repeat! Get in touch to speak to the Mango Tiger Indonesia team!

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Visa Requirements
Most EU nationals are entitled to free entry for 30 days to Indonesia and all travelers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after their planned exit from Indonesia.
Languages Spoken
The national language is Bahasa Indonesia and widely spoken Hello: Halo Thank you: Terima Kasih.
Currency used
The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah, although US Dollars are widely accepted.. 1 dollar = about 13,000 IDR, the equivalent to ¾ quarter of a bottle of Bintang ATM are available everywhere and dispense Indonesian Rupiah.
Getting to Indonesia
Well firstly this depends where in Indonesia you are getting to. There are many international flights with Indonesia having over 30 International airports. The most popular arrival ports for international travellers are Jakarta International Airport or Bali International Airport.

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