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Born and bred in the UNESCO Heritage Site of Hoi An, Thao has worked in the Tourism industry for a decade. She loves cultural visits, trekking tours, mountain biking, relaxation, and adventure. With her vast experience, from operating tours to participating in all features of the business, she now the Head of Sales and works closely with General Manager Asia. She centralizes all inquiries while handling smooth communication with new and existing clients, expediting new sales for Mango Tiger. If you are in Hoi An and want to eat as a local, try her food tour!

Head of Sales & Product

Thao Huynh

Jack has been living in Asia and working in tourism since 2010. He started off in customer service in Laos before working as a General Manager for a DMC in Cambodia before moving to Hanoi, Vietnam as a Regional Director. Jack then managed a regional inbound Educational Travel company before starting Mango Tiger. Jack loves the region and Vietnam in particular where he is based with the team in Hoi An.

Co-Founder / CEO

Jack Bartholomew

Linda holds a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management. She has years of experience working as a tour operator after her graduation. She took part in community projects such as the Sambor Preikuk community. She worked with GIZ Cambodia on rural development, healthcare, and social security. Her passion for the tourism industry is always strong with the goal to promote sustainable tourism sharing the beauty of her homeland Cambodia. She finds great joy in introducing the locals, food, culture, and the betterment of the local community. Travelers can enjoy a memorable trip while creating an impact on where they are visiting.

General Manager

Linda Oum

Quynh Anh (QA) is a graduate of Tourism Management from Hanoi and is super passionate about travel. She has exceptional people and communication skills. A responsible individual, she always finds a way to get things done. QA has a wealth of experience in starting and operating Vietnamese companies. She is our local shareholder and partner in Vietnam. She is based in Hoi An but spends a large part of her time in the local communities in North Vietnam developing Mango Tiger IMPACT & CBT projects. QA’s colleagues, clients, and agents all value her kindness and friendship. Much to many people’s surprise, QA is a fierce and vibrant soul dressed in a gentle and elegant look!

Country Manager Vietnam/ CEO Assistant 

Quynh Anh

Dean has been based in multiple locations in South East Asia for the past 5 years. After working in the UK and South East Asia Dean created, developed and managed new summer camp brands and travel programs in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Maldives, and other locations. Now based full time in Manchester UK, with DMC and agent experience and a massive passion for Asia, Dean is the man to meet and talk Asia with.

Co-Founder / Director of Growth

Dean Hallworth

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Marketing Ninja

Chau Anh

Linh is the Chief Accounting Officer at Mango Tiger Travel, overseeing all financial operations of the company. She has a background in banking and brings a high level of expertise and professionalism ​​that’s hard to match. Linh is known for her elegant and gentle demeanor, but also for being highly adaptive and friendly. She is attentive to details and takes responsibility to ensure all financial operations are accurate and efficient. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also from one of the coolest cafes in Hoi An town, bringing an added level of awesomeness to the team.

Master of Coin


Chris has been living in Asia since 2009, falling in love with the region during an internship in Laos before working for local Adventure Tour Operator Green Discovery Laos. In this time he met Jack and they started working together in Cambodia. Chris has a deep love for Asia and especially for Laos. Chris currently splits his time between Bangkok and Hoi An.

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Chris Gramsch

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Operations Manager

Adam Davies

Koung now works as an Operation Assistant based in Laos. Her responsibilities include ensuring proper and accurate processing of reservations and operations for clients, and professional and timely correspondence with agents and suppliers. Koung enjoys traveling through Laos and beyond, and is a bold and diverse individual who loves singing and dancing.

Sales Tiger Laos


Doung is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She graduated with a degree in Tourism in 2016. Turning tourism from a personal passion to a profession, she has been working in educational travel for 5 years, with experience in community-based tourism (CBT), community development, and operations services. Her youthful soul and friendly smile have helped to build a strong and healthy connection between our customers and suppliers.

Operations Tiger Cambodia


Jami’at/Jamz has been living in Lombok, Indonesia and working as Tour Guide since 2015. He does great tours from from private to group customers. Jamz loves doing inland or ocean tours and makes new friends while introducing his islands and cultures. He likes to give his best services to all of the customers while staying in Lombok and Gili T.

Operations Tiger Indonesia


Nana is a tuk tuk driver from Battambang who on a chance encounter with Dean 5 years ago became a main leader for tours. Nana is a people person capable of operating groups of 100 travellers and making sure they all have a seriously fun time. Also, as the director of ‘My Grandfathers School’ Nana continuously develops the project to help local Cambodian communities.

Operation Tiger Cambodia


Ayu is 23 years old Balinese Girl. Ayu was born, raised in Bali and started doing the tour when she was 18 years old. Working as a freelancer guide for several agencies in Bali and lately doing the Camp Bali Island Hopper for 10 days. Ayu loves reading, traveling, and sharing about Balinese life and Culture. She also loves to meet a new people and make a new friend while doing the tour.

Operations Tiger Indonesia


Mr. Hul has been excellently leading our trips in Cambodia for years. He is passionate about sharing his culture, customs, history and so on in Cambodia. Hul has an absolute heart of gold and is willing to go out of his way to make sure everyone is having an amazing time. When anyone has any problems he makes sure that you get sorted as soon as possible! With Hul, travellers experience a good mix between history, fun, party, and relaxing. He is always willing to share his love for his job and country with you. He is based in Siem Reap where the Angkor Wat temple is.

Operations Tiger Cambodia

Hul Vong

Seyha is one of the top Reps of Mango Tiger. He’s not just any tour leader who goes through the motions; he’s incessantly upbeat and positive, curious, insightful, and caring. When someone needs something from the pharmacy, he helps get it. When people on the tour wants to eat best locals, he will take you to the best street food stalls. He’s always ready with the relevant information while also making a continuous effort to keep a positive energy in the group. He’s also appreciated for his enthusiasm with photography, as he’s always on hand to help get the best shots. Travellers named Seyha the ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia!.

Operations Tiger Cambodia

Seyha Chuon

Nikki is based in Bangkok and and operates our exciting Thailand product. Having years of guiding experience Nikki transitioned to operations and is the man to speak Thailand with. He is a key player in helping us create and operate our products in areas around Thailand.

Operation Tiger Thailand


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