Positively impacting local communities, the Mango Tiger family is committed to supporting on-going community development projects.

The Mango Tiger family is committed to supporting on-going community development projects within the regions we operate. For anyone who has ever travelled to Asia and experienced a night in a local home stay or a dinner at a local family home or visited a traditional village, you will know that was likely the highlight of your time in Asia. Partnering with local NGO’s and businesses, Mango Tiger works on reducing plastic waste not just through our supply chain but by contributing to plastic removal and recycling through Asia.

MANGO TIGER TRAVEL is excited to announce our partnership with TONTOTON, a leading provider of plastic impact initiatives in Southeast Asia. As a tour operator, we understand the impact that tourism can have on the environment, and we are committed to taking proactive steps to reduce our environmental footprint. Partnering with TONTOTON, we want to help create a solution for ‘orphan’ plastic, TONTOTON recycles, upcycles and co-process mismanaged plastic, supporting communities and environments.


At Mango Tiger we believe that the travel industry and travellers in general have a responsibility to the world that we all live and travel in. The travel industry is now one of the largest in the world and with some common sense and a bit of effort we can all make a difference.


Perhaps the biggest issue facing developing countries and Asia in particular. Needless to say never throw litter on the floor or in the ocean!! It’s not right for anyone to do in any circumstance. If you can’t find a bin, then hang on to it until you do. As travellers we all have a responsibility in this area. Often in Asia convenience stores (I’m looking at you seven/eleven and others) give way too much excess plastic packaging, plastic straws and other plastic that you don’t need. Try and avoid unless you really need it, it’s fine to hand them back their plastic.

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