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Vietnam is one seriously special and unique country. Despite being in South East Asia, it doesn’t share many similarities with its neighbours. From mountain peaks to hectic streets, Vietnam is a non-stop sensory roller coaster. With three different climates (North, Central and South) travel along the country’s stunning coastline and meet hardworking and friendly local people along the way. Vietnam has its own individual and impressive culture. From the expanse of Halong Bay, Ha Giang and Ninh Binh to eating Pho in a crowded local shop on a plastic stool in Hanoi, Vietnam is a country of extremes that you won’t forget anytime soon. Get in touch to chat our Mango Tiger Vietnam team!

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Visa Requirements
Most nationals require a visa to enter Vietnam and all travellers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after their planned exit from Vietnam. Visa on Arrival service is possible with advance Visa Approval Letter through the government website Certain nationalities are entitled to a 15 day Visa waiver. Check with us before you travel to check you are eligible.
Languages Spoken
Vietnamese is unique in Asia as it’s a Latin alphabet with six tones (comparing to Thai and Chinese with four tones). For this reason it’s often easy to read but not easy to speak correctly. Hello: Xin Chao Thank you: Cam on.
Currency used
VND. 1 dollar = about 22,000 VND = a standard bottle of Bia or 1 or 2 Bia Hoi’s depending on how lucky you get ATMs are available everywhere and dispense Vietnam Dong (VND).
Getting to Vietnam
There are many direct flights from UK, Europe, UAE, Australia and Asia. Land border crossing is available from Laos, Cambodia and China.

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