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Thailand is South East Asia’s biggest hub and tourism destination. We have concluded that it’s literally impossible not to have fun here. There are countless areas that reward travellers with the chance to meet cool local people who become long term friends and experience some incredible new things. Thailand boasts some of the greatest food, islands, accommodation, people and diversity in Asia. There are not many countries that can compete with Thailand in being able to have something for everyone who travels here. We challenge you not to have the best time! Get in touch to speak to the Mango Tiger Thailand team!

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Visa Requirements
Thailand currently offers free visas to citizens of 57 countries and most EU nationals have free entry for up to 30 days to Thailand. All travelers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after their planned exit from Thailand.
Languages Spoken
The official national language is Thai with over 95.9% of the population fluent. Thai has gender specific polite particles, for example men will add ‘kap’ on the end if a sentence while woman will add ‘Ka’. Sa-wat dee (hello) Khop koon (thank you).
Currency used
THB. 1 dollar = about 32 THB = roughly half a bottle of local beer ATMs are available everywhere and dispense Thai Baht (THB).
Getting to Thailand
There are many direct flights from UK, Europe, UAE, Australia and Asia and all over the world. Bangkok’s main airport is Suvarnabhumi - one of Asia’s biggest transport hubs. Thailand can also be reached overland via Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia.

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