There’s so many things to see and enjoy in Vietnam as a traveller, from amazing mountains to spectacular beaches, from serene paddy fields to busy city life, but there’s also a whole different world to explore here as a volunteer, especially when you are at a small village.

Located at Hoa Binh Province – a mountainous area about 70km from Hanoi – Tu Do Commune is still very remote and off the beaten path. Despite having amazing scenery, for instance Mu Waterfall, the commune is not widely known yet and the people welcome visitors as if they are family.

Being involved in the daily lives of the local people in that way helps you understand so much about the country and also about yourself. You will come out of the experience more cultured and grateful of the life you have.

We were very fortunate to have a group of trainee nurses visit the commune and support the local medical staff in some of the basic daily tasks around the clinic and community.

Service Learning Community-based tourism done the right way has a lot of potential in Vietnam and in Asia. For anyone who does not only want to see Vietnam but also immerse themselves into local lives and culture, what about joining us in Tu Do Commune and learning more about local life in the community.

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