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3 Ways to travel around Cambodia

There are many ways to get from one place to the other in Cambodia: by airplane, by private car, bus or other transportation. Flying between cities is a not so expensive and popular option among visitors, while private cars provide the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation. Other travel options, such as boats and […]

Special Architecture in Cambodia

Most cherished buildings were destroyed under the Khmer Rouge, but a number of historic sites survived and remain intact. From ancient temples to extravagant palaces, Cambodia’s capital is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. Here are some architectural highlights of Cambodia’s new era of cultural identity The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda Buddhist Temple, History […]

3 books recommended to travelers when visiting Cambodia

The tourism industry is the country’s second-greatest source of hard currency after the textile industry. International visitor arrivals in 2018 topped six million, a ten-fold increase since the beginning of the 21st century.  Besides Phom Penh and Angkor Wat, other tourist destinations include Sihanoukville in the southwest which has several popular beaches and Battambang in the northwest, both of which are popular […]

Clean Water Project Cambodia – Building wells in rural Siem Riep

Mango Tiger partners with Trutravels and The Cambodian Buddhist Association for Vulnerable Children to improve access to clean water by building wells for villages and families living just outside of Siem Reap.  The Mango Tiger family has always been interested in giving-back and impact projects, and since many members of our family live in Cambodia, […]