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The Maldives, known for being paradise on earth, sits in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. This beautiful destination is made up of around 1190 coral islands across 26 different atolls.

This exotic country screams white sand, crystal clear water, palm trees and plentiful marine life. Home to manta rays, dolphins, sharks, turtles and many different species of fish and coral, spend your days exploring the ocean or relaxing on some of the world's best beaches. Experience the Maldives deep culture and traditions, influenced both by neighbouring countries Sri Lanka & India. The Maldivan people are friendly, welcoming and always look to go above and beyond to show travellers the best of their country.

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Visa Requirements
As a tourist from most visiting countries you will be granted a 30 day visa upon arrival and your passport must be valid for a minimum of one month. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the Maldives.
Languages Spoken
Dhivehi. “Assalaamu alaikum” - Hello
Currency used
Maldivian rufiyaa. 100 Maldivian rufiyaa = £5.

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