The Big ‘C’ Word AKA Covid 19

Mango Tiger prepares to welcome travelers again

The Big ‘C’ Word AKA Covid 19

Dear valued partners and clients

We hope you and your team are doing well and keeping safe.

Although we have been confined to our homes during this turbulent time, we’ve been looking to the future and working hard to prepare for post Covid travel. Together with our trusted suppliers we've been sharing ideas to ensure that all our future customers can travel safely with confidence.

By taking advice from the World Health Organisation and other bodies, we’ve reviewed all of our processes and implemented many procedures to ensure our guests, staff and all local communities stay safe.

Please note that these may change and evolve depending on how situations develop but the main steps will remain in place. At this stage we have no knowledge of when the countries we operate in will be opening up again to travellers.

General policies

Guests should bring their own masks and hand sanitizer

Expect some disruption or delay on arrival in certain accommodations/airports/stations as there may be contactless temperature screening

Wearing of masks in vehicles or public transport obviously wash hands as often as you can

It’s recommended you have a refillable water bottle. Just don’t share with others.

Every traveller should have travel insurance with capacity enough to cover Covid-19

Arrival Procedures

There is nothing official yet from any of the countries we work in with any concrete announcements on reopening international travel.

Please be aware that these will be different from country to country.

It is possible and maybe likely that certain destinations (Vietnam looking most likely) will not even let anyone in from a destination unless that country has done 30 + days of no community transmission. 

Greetings – All will be met with no physical gestures, handshakes or hugs etc. Smiles only. 

If luggage assistance is required all contact areas will be sanitised afterwards. 

You will be informed to wear masks in airports, stations, on planes and any travel hub.


Tour Procedures

Your guides, tour leaders and drivers will be wearing face masks 

No close contact, handshakes or anything else between drivers, passengers, guides and clients 

Your tour leaders/guides will be equipped with hand sanitizer and masks in the event that you forget your own 

If anyone at any time feels unwell with symptoms that could possibly be COVID 19, you will be taken back to your hotel room and the correct authorities will be informed to handle the situation from there. 

Some of the tours will be adjusted/adapted to work within country guidelines as to avoid transmission. Please be aware that things may not always be exactly the same as in your itinerary, the situation changes daily.

If any client feels uncomfortable with a situation we will do our best to adapt accordingly and can cancel an excursion if the client feels unsafe.

On arrival in restaurants and some sites expect to have your temperature taken and to use hand sanitizer.




Things will be different when travel returns and we ask everyone to be patient, flexible and aware so that we all stay safe. If we can help with anything, please let us know. 


Big love, 

the Mango Tiger team X


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